Danger Danger
Style: Melodic Hard Rock
Release date: September 18th 2009

To be totally honest here, on the first listen to the new Danger Danger I wasn’t sold. I even had a chat with our editor about how ordinary it was. BUT, the more I listened to “Revolve” the more it Evolved, to a point now where I can’t stop listening to it. “Revolve” has all the trademarks of vintage “D2”, huge hooks, crunching solos & awesome vocals by Ted Poley.

With this been the 20th Anniversary of Danger Danger's awesome debut this marks another superb release by one of rocks big guns.
Poley’s voice is as strong as ever and sounds much like the same guy who sang Bang Bang and Monkey Business back all those years ago. Rob Marcello is the lone guitarist on this album and has become a solid player, making Andy Timmons a distant D2 memory.

Bottom Line: Classic Danger Danger, old fans should be happy!!!! Recommended

“I think it’s the best collection of songs we’ve ever assembled!” says Bruno Ravel presenting the new album. “There are no “filler” tracks. Having said that, the sound is a bit updated, yet still retro and very “Danger Danger” sounding. Anytime you hear Ted sing, you immediately think... “Hey, that’s Danger Danger!” I think it’s the best he has never sounded… on any record!”

01. That's What I'm Talking About
02. Ghost Of Love
03. Killin' Love
04. Hearts On The Highway
05. Fugitive
06. Keep On Keepin' On
07. Rocket To Your Heart
08. F.U.$
09. Beautiful Regret
10. Never Give Up
11. Dirty Mind
Label: Frontiers Records
Promotion: Zink Music
Promotion: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: September 8th 2009
Website: www.dangerdanger.com