Style: Melodic thrash/death (Ocean metal)
Release date: May 8th 2009

Sometimes nice surprises come unexpected. In my opinion the second record of Dagon is one of them. With the combination of thrash, melodic death, some metalcore and black metal sounding guitar parts they are rather convincing. The guttural vocals and black-metal shrieks follow one after another, that's not new, but they get away with it very well.

O.k., the drum sound could have been better and heavier, but the rest is nice stuff to hear. Dagon puts melody above ultra-heavy, sometimes they sound as a thrashy Iron Maiden on XTC. Many times the band 3 Inches of Blood enters my mind; I think that's also because of the 2 different styles of vocals. Of course the music they play is as original as a grey car, but at least they do it with flair and the songs are rather good. On top of that they put in the good guitar solos and it's complete.

Fans of 3 Inches of Blood, Children of Bodom and Dark Tranquility have to take a listen for certain. Others who like melodic death metal with thrash and metal influences and clear grunting and screeching should take a shot too.

01. Cut to the Heart
02. Demons in the Dark
03. Terraphobic
04. Wave of Predation
05. To the Drums We Rise
06. Full Speed Ahead
07. Into the North
08. The Last
09. The Sea Encompassing
10. Feeding Frenzy
11. Ocean Metal
Label: Bombworks Records
Provided by: ArtistworXX
Distribution: Twilight
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: July 2nd 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/dagonmetal