The Concealers
Style: Death/thrash metal
Release date: April 20th 2009

Daath surprised us in 2007 with their excellent second album 'The Hinderers'. The band is the brain child of guitarist Levi and with this record they launched themselves to the forefront of the metal world. Touring with Job For a Cowboy, Devildriver, Unearth, Despised Icon and participating in the 2007 edition of Ozzfest gave them a bigger fan base worldwide.

With their new release 'The Concealers' they of course want to increase those numbers. They still combine the aggressiveness of classic American Death Metal with modern metal twists, high technical musicianship and catchy riffs. This is also the first album with new singer Sean Z and I must say that the man's voice fits the music perfectly. The combination of death, thrash, some industrial, some progressive parts and excellent guitar playing makes it once more again an album worth listening to.

The band uses a bit more thrashy riffs in their songs, but they still have a kind of style similar to Devildriver, Chimaira and Lamb of God. In some songs we still hear the blast beating tempo's ("Translucent Potency"), other songs are more mid-tempo and groovy ("The Unbinding Truth"). In general the songs have nice melodies and vary in tempo, sometimes very fast, then again with the break on it.

Those who liked Daath can buy this one blindfolded. The death/thrash fans that hear this name for the first time must at least give it a listen and I am almost sure that you will like what you hear. I must convince that I miss the surprise their album 'The Hinderers' gave to me, nevertheless a good album.

01. Sharpen the Blades
02. Self-Corruption Manifesto
03. The Worthless
04. The Unbinding Truth
05. Silenced
06. Wilting On the Vine
07. Translucent Potency
08. Day of Endless Light
09. Duststorm
10. ...Of Poisoned Sorrows
11. Incestuous Amolification
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: April 1st 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/daath