Devil Reveals
Style: Thrash Metal
Release date: June 22nd 2009

Within a year there is the follow-up of their debut 'Freak Inside'. 'Devil Reveals' was recorded in March/April this year. This follow-up is even more brutal and aggressive than their debut. The growls and snarls of female singer Britta Görtz sound more brutal and angry and I'm still very impressed by her vocals. It is only because that I know there is a woman singing, otherwise I would not have known it and that is a big compliment. There are a lot men who don't have such a throat. Britta has more variety in her vocals than on their debut; listen for example to "Kids Killing Kids".

The band still plays American based thrash with German influences, but with more variety than on their debut. They still sound as an aggressive version of Grip Inc, there is also a resemblance with a band like Reckless Tide. The songs are very tight and the riffs are heavy and very effective. The songs have more groovy parts and the tight drums and good production make it a tight thrash album.

I think that the band will take a step forward with this new release. With a front woman that makes Angela's (Arch Enemy) and Sabine's (Holy Moses) knees shake and with the support of many live shows they should be able to conquer a part of the crowded thrash market. Mission accomplished.

01. Helix
02. I [...]
03. Life is Deadly

Kids Killing Kids

05. Caged With a Gun
06. Junkie Shuffle
07. More Than 4
08. I Am the Pit
09. Devil Reveals
10. FAQU
11. Methods in Madness
12. Hysteria
Label: SAOL / H'Art
Provided by: Cmm gmbh
Distribution: A: Larm
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: June 24th 2009