White Hell
Style: Thrash/Death
Release date: February 27th 2009

This isCriminal's 6th album already. They were formed back in the early 90's by Anton Reisenegger (ex-Pentagram) and Rodrigo Contreras. Both moved from Chile to the U.K. The biggest difference from their former album 'Sicario' is the much better sound of the album. The production is much more mature and that is why the band sounds much more solid.

The roots of early thrash combined with death metal and grooving riffs has never sounded better, the aggressive grunting/growling vocals make it complete. Fortunately they stick to the aggressive vocals and don't add clean ones like a lot of other bands do at the moment. The music can be described as a mixture ofChimaira, Benediction, Lamb of God, Fear Factory and The Haunted in a thrashy sauce. Heavy thrash/death metal, which is not very original, but done in such a professional way that you have the idea that they invented it themselves.

Many established thrash/death combos will have to do their utmost to top this 'White Hell'. I can't find any bad songs on this album. The groovy riffs, combined with aggression and tight rhythms make up some good songs, and I will see to it that this record will make many more spins in my stereo.

A job well done! Massacre recruited a band with a lot of potential and again a feather for not adding voice-overs. The album will also be released in a limited edition featuring a bonus DVD.
01. 21st Century Paranoia
02. Crime and Punishment
03. Incubus
04. Black Light
05. The Deluge
06. Strange Ways
07. Mobrule
08. The Infidel
09. Invasion
10. Eyes of Temptation
11. Bastardom
12. Sons Of Cain
Label: Massacre Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 10th 2009