Lost and Gone
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: July 3rd 2009

Just by looking at the members in Constancia you automatically know that we are dealing with some very talented musicians that know how to create and deliver first class music. In the driving seat we find keyboard player Mikael Rosengren (Ex-Scudeiro/Token) and guitarist Janne Stark (Overdrive, Locomotive Breath), who have written a good selection of melodic hard rock songs, which borders to metal and progressive metal.

The rhythm section is equally strong consisting of drummer Peter Svensson (Locomotive Breath, Mercy etc.) and bass player Michael Mueller (Jaded Heart), so the basics were in place, all they need was a strong vocalist. And why not turn to someone Janne and Peter had worked with in the past - on Janne's Mountain of Power project to be more precise? David Fremberg (Andromeda) was convinced by the stuff he heard and Constancia became a reality.

Janne has used the term 'Melogressive Metal' to describe the style, and he wanted to combine his fascination for classic pomp melodic bands like Styx, Trillion and City Boy with more progressive and aggressive aspects of metal. Well I fail to hear the aggressive part, but the pompy 70's style is ever-present and the hooks are razor-sharp and the combination works very well for most parts. They are not able to maintain the high level on all twelve songs, but there is still plenty of good melodic metal on 'Lost and Gone'.

The pool of Swedish musical talent seems bottomless, and Constancia is just a perfect example of that, and one of the better ones. David Fremberg has a very unique and easily recognisable voice, and he shows on 'Lost and Gone' that he is more than capable of singing more than his usual style, and his contribution surely helps this album a lot, and the result is a very good melodic metal album.


01. Fallen Hero 4:22
02. Trouble Maker 3:57
03. Blind 4:02
04. Little Big You 3:15
05. The King is Calling 3:35
06. Dying by your Flames 3:53
07. Save Me 4:15
08. No One Like You 3:58
09. Life is a Mistery 6:04
10. I Never Said Goodbye 4:09
11. I Wish I Could Fly 5:24
12. 6:39

Label: Frontiers Records
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: July 14th 2009
Website: Constancia @ MySpace