Style: Blackened metal
Release date: May 12th 2009

Conspiracy is a one man project: Carpathian Wolf. He was born in Western Ukraine but is now settled in The Netherlands. In the Biography on the labels site, they don't want to mention in which band he has played over the past years. Insiders know of course that he was part of Melechesh (under pseudo: Al Hazred). But he left, so lets talk about his band Conspiracy.

The music on this album is more than just black metal. Wolf has put in more old school thrash and even some traditional heavy metal. Besides that he has put in a bit folk as well. The song "Faith" has influences from Bathory's album Hammerheart in it. But mainly it is black/thrash metal that we get. Positive thing about using other influences than just black metal is that there is more variety in the different songs. Just black metal from A-Z is not my personal thing, because of the overkill. This is a record I can listen to completely without getting bored after a while.

The vocals are what you can expect from the genre; screaming aggressive, low growling and grunting snarls. The guitars have enough melody and in a way it sometimes makes me remind of the first Occult album 'Prepare to Meet Thy Doom'. First 4 tracks are very up-tempo", the fifth track is slower and as I already said, with Bathory influences.

All in all a variable album for fans of bands like Destruction, Venom, Bathory and Marduk or black fans in general. Those still reading this review should check it out.

01. Mentally III God
02. Die In Style
03. Conquerdate (Concordat)
04. Terrorized Into Submission
05. Faith
06. Limited To 666
07. Courage
08. Last Veteran
Label: Pulverised Records
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: May 5th 2009
Website: Conspiracy @ MySpace