I See Red
Style: Death Thrash
Release date: October 5th 2009

I have noted above that the style of Claustrofobia is death thrash. I must emphasize that it is more thrash than death. I hate saying this, because it’s a cheap and too obvious comparison to make as a reviewer, but, by golly, Sepultura is such a clear inspiration for this band!


I must quickly add that the inspiration is most certainly not from ‘Chaos A.D.’ and onwards. No, sir, ‘Schizophrenia’ and ‘Beneath the Remains’ have hit home with these chaps. Yeah, that’s from a time when Sepultura thought that Kreator, Slayer and Sodom where the only kings of the world, long before the Seps ventured into the jungle and went tribal.

All that is well, because both were fabulous albums, but I’m a bit divided here. The reason not being bad musicianship on Claustrofobia’s behalf – on the contrary
– they know their thrash metal and how to play it. Just listen to the blast of a cover version of the title track of ‘Beneath the Remains’! That’s a pretty awesome version, ladies and gentlemen.


But then on the other hand, you have an album lacking songs that really get to you. I miss one or two tunes that burn their way into my old, cold reviewer’s heart. It shouldn’t be a cover tune that leaves the best impression – it doesn’t really count in my world.

And then there’s the acoustic track Noia. It’s probably a thought-through move to have this obnoxiously sounding clean guitar pattern going on for three minutes. I hate it. Plain and simple. Now we're at it:

All in all an approved effort, no more, no less.


01. Discharge 3:28
02. War Stomp 3:53
03. Minefield 3:42
04. Evil University 2:59
05. Alarm 3:10
06. Raining Shit 4:23
07. Don’t Kill The Future 4:56
08. Our Blood 3:22
09. Natural Terrorism 2:38
10. I See Red 2:45
11. Tiro De Meta 3:33
12. Subconscious In Flames 3:22
13. Nóia 3:02
14. Untitled 4:11
15. Beneath The Remains 2:52

Label: Candlelight Records
Promotion: Plastic Head Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: October 7th 2009