Cirrha Niva
For Moments Never Done
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: September 3rd 2009

You would expect progressive masterpieces from bands such as Dream Theater, Threshold, Shadow Gallery or Spock's Beard. So what a huge surprise it is when a Dutch band shoots itself to the top of the major progressive metal league too. This is probably the best comeback album from a band ever. In 2001 they released 'Liaison DeLa Morte', not a bad album at all, but with this new pearl they outshine themselves. Perhaps some of you don't estimate this record on its value after one spin, but after 5-10 listenings you will agree with me that this really is a masterpiece.

Opener "The Fooling" starts very aggressive with a grunt, after which we get a rather heavy guitar track with a lot of variety and with excellent vocals done by Legrand. This man is one of the best singers I have listened to lately. The man has a voice with warmth, emotion, aggression, power and a huge range. This is world class.

People, who know earlier records from the band, might be very surprised by the swift style-change. It is less theatrical and much heavier than before. Expect a perfect mix of music from bands like Hittman, Psychotic Waltz, Ayreon, Opeth, Machine Head, Nevermore, Marillion, Queensryche, Lethal, Threshold and many many more... All songs are worthy to be mentioned, but to name just two, I would recommend you to listen to "Framed" and "Golan Heights"; if these songs don't convince you of the superiority of this band, and you must be deaf or dumb. Last song "Self-Chosen" has such a heavy contagious riff, that you want to push the repeat button again and again.

Personally I find this the best progressive metal album of 2009 and I don't think there will be any better this year, and yes I like this one more than Dream Theater's. Just a pity the band didn't react on my mail to send me a promo, but I forgive them for that. This album is too good not to be reviewed on our site. I hope just one thing: that they don't let us wait another 8 years before they release a new album.

01. The Fooling
02. Dreamon
03. Framed
04. Running from the Source
05. Golan Heights
06. Spring Before Winter
07. Self-Chosen
Label: Parnassus Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: October 1st 2009