Dead Eye Dreaming
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: March 6th 2009

If Italian Chaoswave should split up in the years to follow, they could continue separately as Never Coil or Lacuna More. As they already did on their previous record 'The White Noise Within', they continue musically on the same route. They make an interesting mix of Nevermore and Lacuna Coil, but that's not all.

The singing of Giorgia Fadda is almost similar to Cristina Scabbia and the guitar riffs and kind of complex tight thrashy style reminds of Nevermore. The male vocals of Fabio Carta stick to their musical style but are not in the same the calibre of Warrel Dane. Besides the obvious influences, I get the idea that also Psychotic Waltz, Evergrey, Control Denied and even a band as Meshuggah has had some kind of influence on this band's music. It must be said that lots of songs are embedded in a power metal sauce, but because of the thrashy riffs the record sounds a lot heavier than general power metal.

The adventures vocals, the tight thrashy wall of guitars, the pulsating drums, the progressive elements, the female vocals, the melodic choruses, the serene sometimes hypnotising singing parts all combines into rather good songs and make this a special album. Not easy background listening music, but very interesting for those who like it complex.

Although it is very good, I am a little afraid that it is too complicated for the average metal fan, but maybe I'm mistaken. Those however who like Nevermore should give it a try, fans of Lacuna Coil have to take into account that this is much heavier and complicated. Personally I needed more than 10 spins before the true value of the album became clear.

01. 10 Years of Denial
02. Fork Tongues and Four Times
03. How to Define a Race
04. A March for the Dying
05. Another Lie to Live in Vain
06. Blind Eye Focus
07. Dead Eye Dream
08. Rise
09. Picture Perfect
10. Two Shadows
11. The Evident
12. From the Stare to the Storm
Label: Silverwolf Productions
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 2nd 2009