Say Hello to Tragedy
Style: Modern Metal
Release date: August 24th  2009


Caliban??? Never heard of them before??? And that’s kinda strange, because they was formed back in 1997 and this brand new release called ‘Say Hello to Tragedy’ is certainly not their first release... but they have managed to escape my attention anyway.


Well... shame on me... because this German band really do deliver the goods on this album. We are talking some kind of modern thrash/death metal here... and even though that not every single song is a winner, most of them are.


Caliban shifts between pure metal and slower and more melodic modern metal with a hint of metal-core. Most of the choruses are done in the melodic way and that adds another 10 points in my book.


But what really turned my head were the guitar riffs. One track after another contains heavy yet galloping riffs that played at maximum volume will crush your skull in. Well... I’m sure I have heard most of the riffs before... but what the hell. The guitar runs are still very entertaining.


Metal fans that are into the harder stuff should at least check this album out... ‘cause it’s certainly not a crappy one.


Thumbs up.

01. 24 Years
02. Love Song
03. Caliban's Revenge
04. End This Sickness
05. Walk Like the Dead
06. No One is Safe
07. Liar
08. The Denegation of Humanity
09. Unleash Your Voice
10. All I Gave
11. In The Name of Progression
12. Coma
Label: Century Media Records
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: August 22nd 2008