Burning Point
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: February 27th 2009

’Empyre’ is the fourth studio album by Finnish melodic metal/power metal band BURNING POINT and a quite good one.


Even though that there are a few line-up changes BURNING POINT continues where they left us with ‘Burned Down the Enemy’ (2006) so there’s no reason not to pick this one up if you’re fan of the band.


BURNING POINT provide us with exactly the kind of music we could expect; Namely 11 songs with pure melodic metal packed with catchy riffs and catchy choruses. (The limited edition contains 4 bonus tracks with guests).


Well... to be honest... ‘Empyre’ do need a few spins to grow. Tracks such as; “Manic Merry-Go-Round”, the title-track “Empyre”, “Fool’s Parade” and the ballad “Was it Me” will maybe hit you right away, but most of the songs need some time in the player to blossom.


As written above the band continues where they left us with ‘Burned Down the Enemy’ at least when it comes to sound, production and catchiness. But sadly there are only 2 up-tempo songs to be found on ‘Empyre’. And that’s a shame, really. I have expected a little more power from the band. But what the heck you can’t have everything. 


This band won’t bring anything new to the genre but at least they still know how to write a catchy tune. The production is top notch so check the band and the album out now.

01. Intro (The Godfather Theme)
02. Empyre
03. Manic Merry-Go-Round
04. Face the Truth
05. Fool's Parade
06. Was it Me
07. Walls of Stone
08. Sacrifice
09. Cruel World
10. Blinded by the Darkness
11. Only the Wrong will Survive
Label: Metal Heaven
Distribution: Germusica Promotion
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 9th 2009
Website: www.burningpoint.net