Style: Hardcore
Release date: April 24th 2009

You live, you learn:


Swabian is a name for the language spoken in a part of Southern Germany.


In Swabian, the not easily spelled word Breschdleng means strawberry.


Strawberries taste awfully good, methinks. Don’t eat too many before you go to bed, though, because you have to pee an awful lot when you’ve eaten strawberries.


Strawberry ice cream is not bad either. My children love it and can eat several litres at a time.


What possesses a Southern German band call themselves strawberry is a mystery to me, but by ways of reasoning entirely their own business. Their music, on the other hand, is not entirely their own business since they’ve decided to unleash it upon the world.


The kind people who wrote the promo material for Breschdleng’s debut album find it very important for the groove of the album that the band has chosen to sing in Swabian. I don’t. Makes little difference apart from the curiosity factor.


Although this is most certainly not the easily understood German of Rammstein or A Subway to Sally, the difference is made not by the language, but the groove and the ideas that the band purports. Breschdleng’s head is definitely way above the surface of mediocre hardcore.


The 22 minute long (short) album is characterised by a striking ability to groove and rock and a musical attitude that is best described as tongue-in-cheek.


Worth trying out if you’re a bit suspicious: The monstrously grooving title track and the mid-tempo stomp rocker Seiferts Fritz. 


Na, klar!


01. Roschdich

02. Schdeffala

03. Bis Oins Heild

04. Breschdleng

05. Roschdbrohda

06. Seiferts Fritz

Label: Prevision Music
Provided by: Prevision Music
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: July 14th 2009