Memorial Roots
Style: Melodic Power Metal
Release date: October 16th 2009

I always love to receive a brand new Brainstorm album to review and it was with great anticipation that I listened to "Memorial Roots". On first listen I noticed a very different change, the power & speed has gone. Now is this a bad thing or a good thing? I will try to explain. To me it was getting very hard to tell the difference between "Brainstorm" & Andy .B. Frank's other band "Symphorce" - they were melting into one band, it is good to see "Brainstorm" pull it back a notch or two and become more melodic and straight ahead Heavy Metal. I can hear a lot of influence from Iron Maiden on "Memorial Roots" especially at the beginning of “The Conjunction of 7 Planets” sounds like the start of the song "Fear of the Dark".

Now on the other hand there will be a few disappointed fans out there if they only give "Memorial Roots" a quick listen or two, like I was. But, fortunately, I am quite a big fan of Brainstorm and I owed it to myself to give this album more of a chance and I am so glad I did. The only little thing I could say that is wrong with this album is the guitar sound is missing something. It doesn't have that "knock you on your ass" sound like previous Brainstorm albums. But I am sure live these new songs will kick your ass. Andy .B. Frank is outstanding on vocals as usual, he is becoming one of Metals big voices and I would put him up there with the best.

Opener "Forsake What You Believe" is the weakest track, which is unusual for Brainstorm; they normally leave you breathless after the first song. Although it is not a bad song. "Shiver" is the first speedy song that is trademark Brainstorm. But the last 6 songs see the band at its peak. "Blood Still Stains" & "The Final Stages of Decay" is another of the more epic numbers and dripping with melodies, by far my favourite tracks. Maybe with a bigger and heavier guitar sound this would have been another great album by one of Metals great bands, but it will only be a good album & my score shows that. I personally think Andy's vocal performance on "Memorial Roots" is the only thing saving this album.
01. Forsake What I Believe
02. Shiver
03. The Conjunction Of 7 Planets
04. Cross The Line
05. Nailed Down Dreams
06. Blood Still Stains
07. Ahimsa
08. The Final Stages Of Decay
09. Victim
10. When No One Cares
11. Would You
Label: AFM Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: October 23rd 2009