The World Hates Me
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: April 4th 2009

Style: thrash metal, that's what I read on the info sheet. I start to listen to the song "True Rebellion" and I wonder if I did put in the right CD. Starting off as a Queens of the Stone Age kind of song it isn't thrash at all. The first song is a mix of AC/DC and Guns & Roses, even the vocals of Egi sound Axl-like.

Fortunately is "Baptized With Fire" a tad heavier, in this song you can here that they are influenced by Megadeth; also in a lot of the remaining songs this influence sticks out a lot, just listen to the riff in "Schmetzgarten" and to the sound of Egi's vocals. "Never Alone" is a ballad with good clean female vocals added. "In My Darkest Hour" needs no introduction, but it says enough that this is the best song on the album. Not that the rest of the music is bad, but writing good songs that stick still is not an easy job.

"For What It's Worth" sounds as an easy Rock'n Roll song in the best AC/DC/Skid Row-style. Best (self) written song is "Deliver You Back To Hell". Together with "W.P.D" this is the fastest and heaviest track on the album. If Boarders can write more tracks like this for the next album, the rating will be much higher.

Boarders has to decide what they want, they stick to close to Megadeth, but are less heavy and sound sometimes more like AC/DC. It's neither fish nor flesh.

01. True Rebellion
02. Baptized With Fire
03. Schmetzgarten
04. Never Alone
05. In My Darkest Hour
06. Jump For Joy
07. For What It's Worth
08. Deliver You Back To Hell
09. W.P.D.
10. Till Life Do Us One
11. The World Hates Me
Label: Retroactive Records
Provided by:        ArtistWorXX
Distribution: Code 7 Distribution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: April 26th 2009