The Final End Principle
Style: Melodic Death Metal
Release date: February 23rd 2009

I was aware of the fact that painters worked on command in the old days, but I didn't think the practice also applied to metal bands.

It may very well be that Bloodwork hasn't been threatened to life by their record company, or that the latter would cut their wages if the band didn't make this record. I mean that The final End Principle just might have been the product of the order of a record containing the ingredients: spaced intros, pounding drums and bass, shrieks and harsh vocals as well as clean bridges, both full of inner anger, and lyrics with a certain depth. The order could also have sounded: "A Gothenburg record, please, just the way In Flames, then Soilwork, have learnt us."

This is a nicely done work in the genre, a well thrashed version of the Swedes above mentioned.
Isn't it more than that? I can't get myself to find it, although I sometimes hear the glimpse of the Bloodwork behind the thick Gothenburg curtain. This record is nevertheless a great achievement of the new and aldready solid band, and I have no problem figuring Bloodwork (winner of WOA Band Battle 2008) making a credible live figure.

01. Intro
02. The Enemy within
03. Ex Vita
04. A Cycle once broken
05. Demonic
06. Behind the Lie
07. Hellbound
08. Camp X-Ray
09. Graveheart
10. Drowning Stone
11. Deadline
12. Silent Revolution
13. Insufficient
Label: Dockyard1
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: LyM
Date: February 23rd 2009