Bloodline Severed
Visions Revealed
Style: Progressive Modern Metal
Release date: April 28th 2009

When God is number one on the credit list I usually see it as the international sign for ’Run Away’. Yes, I’m guilty of being prejudiced, I know.

I think the meeting with Stryper’s music back in the day was a deciding factor. It stuck with me and forever branded the bands who claimed to play Christian metal or even indicated an affiliation with Heaven rather than Mr. Black downstairs. Not that I’m religious in any way. Satan is just more rock’n’roll than God in my world picture. The rebellion factor is more evident, like.


But, hark all ye unfaithful, an exception to the rule is spinning in my disc player right now. North Carolina has brought forth a band called Bloodline Severed who not only pledge alliance to the Light but also crush.


The style is in fact a melting pot of styles. The influences range from black metal over death to metalcore, rocking stomp, and progressive/technical metal (yes, there are solos here).


‘Visions Revealed’ is a concept album that describes an unnamed protagonist’s journey through darkness and light and at the same time offers Bloodline Severed a chance to explore their versatile take on music with black metal screams, growls and clean vocals. The latter are mainly there to provide the album with catchy choruses.


Try this if you like a bit of everything from metal. Fans of In Flames, Mercenary and Meshuggah are not likely to waste their time giving this a go.


Recommendation: Fear of Reality – a hectic m*therfucker of a staccato yet technical tune with a clean vocal chorus plus a female vocal added. Ace track!


01. Into the Beginning

02. Reborn

03. A Vision Revealed

04. Silhouette of Doubt

05. Inception of Perspicacity

06. Coalition

07. Internal Battles with Eternal Consequences

08. Solemn Goodbye

09. Fear of Reality

10. Mirror of Reflection

11. Once Empty

Label: Bombworks Records
Promotion: ArtistWorXX
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: July 14th 2009
Website: Bloodline Severed @ MySpace