Blanc Faces
Falling from the Moon
Style: Melodic Rock/ A.O.R.
Release date: November 6th 2009

Blanc Faces mirrors some of the great artists of the 80's melodic rock scene - Foreigner, Chicago, Journey and Toto. The La Blanc brothers, Robbie and Brian, hence the strange name, have on this, their sophomore album once more been working with the same team that made their self-titled first album such a thrill: Kyle Woodring (Drums, Dennis DeYoung/Styx, Survivor, John Mellencamp), who sadly passed away just weeks after the recordings was done, Jeff Batter (Cannata) on keyboards, and Butch Taylor and Michael Patzig on lead guitar. Never change a winning team, so Dennis Ward has mixed this album as well, and the sound is crystal clear and well defined.

Normally I find that most bands in this genre easily fall into the trap of sounding repetitive and cheesy, but that's never the case with Blanc Faces. And they have written one of the best melodic rock/A.O.R. albums in some time, with memorable and catchy songs packed with great harmonies. So if you like the bands mentioned above - add Tyketto, Survivor and Mecca to the list - then I suggest you give this one a serious consideration as well...

Well done!

01. I Come Alive (4:02)
02. Falling from the Moon (4:12)
03. I Swear to You (3:49)
04. Everything (4:23)
05. It's All About the Love (3:35)
06. Goodbye Summer (4:29)
07. Deep in the Heart (4:15)
08. Don't Take It Away (4:13)
09. Like a Believer (3:48)
10. Light of the World (3:10)
11. I Will( 3:20)
12. Fly (4:13)
Label: Frontiers Records
Promotion: Zink Music
Distribution: Bonnier/Amigo (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: October 16th 2009
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