Black List
Do Not Try This at Home
Style: Thrash
Release date: June 30th 2009

It occurs to my mind that it is too late to count how many times I have read about bands compared to Metallica. The number of the inappropriate comparisons is equal to the comparisons themselves… But in many options Black List indeed remind of Metallica and Testament from the period 1984-1990!


A significant achievement is that the band did not set out in speed metal direction. All of the songs are in middle tempo. Often the riffs are quotations, but they are rather clear, and from a thrash point of view - they are classic. In the whole sound is added an alloy of punk. This feeling comes from the a bit simple drums. The third track “Die Motherfucker!” crystallizes into a pure punk.


The guitar solos are maximum precise and if you have not listened to “Kill ‘em All” you may consider that they are rather heavy. There are some influences from the mosh-scene in the fourth track “Going Under”. But as a whole the debut album of Black List does not sound torn to pieces. “Do Not Try This at Home” is a promising start!


Only a year after the foundation of the band, these guys indeed have reached a good level! Their self-financed and auto-released album hardly gives chase to half an hour. But its listening is utmost pleasure! The voice is without the unnecessary screams in the high register or pretentions for brutality. These gratifying vocals supplement the general good impression about Black List’s well-measured balance!


Italy has never been Mecca of the thrash metal. Despite Black List are still using quotations, they are a serious application for the new wave in the Italian thrash, in conjunction with National Suicide, Alkoholizer and others. With the proper support Black List would reach a lot!


01. Execution

02. No Compromise

03. Die Motherfucker!

04. Going Under

05. Trust

06. Rebirth

07. Bring the War

Label: Unsigned
Reviewed by: Maria D. S.
Date: November 29th 2009