Stone's Reach
Style: Melodic Progressive Death Metal
Release date: November 30th 2009

Starting calm, first track "Venator" kicks off this album, but after a minute the calm turns into melodic death with double bass drums and beautiful melodies. This all with the dark and deep throat of George Kosmas on top. This Australian combo combines Dark Tranquility with Opeth, Amon Amarth, Amorphis and some Gothenburg riffs.

The long epic progressive melodic death songs aren't very easy listening stuff, but when you take the time, it blossoms and you discover the beauty of it all. The serene keyboards and a few samples here and there deliver the finishing touch. I listened to quite a lot of stuff lately and I must honestly say that this is the most interesting one in this genre for a long time. Very strange that this band hasn't signed a deal with a bigger label yet. Perhaps the big labels don't think there is a market for such adventurous and 'difficult' music.

The acoustic passages in several songs come in at the right moment and are followed immediately by fast riffs and harsh vocals. Every song is a little work piece of its own and even the longest tracks pass by as if they just are just 3 minute songs. Please take the time to check this band from 'down under' out and discover why melodeath isn't death yet - you won't be disappointed!

No thanks to Be'Lakor for giving me a problem with this year's top 10 album list, which I thought was complete.


01. Venator (8:37)

02. From Scythe to Scepter (6:58)

03. Outlive the Hand (8:39)

04. Sun's Delusion (9:09)

05. Held in Hollows (7:23)

06. Husks (2:48)

07. Aspect (5:51)

08. Countless Skies (10:00)

Label: Kolony Records
Distribution: Kolony Records
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: December 1st 2009