Banane Metalik
Nice to Meat You
Style: Metalic Pschobilly
Release date: August 24th 2009

They look like zombies, they are from France, they sing mostly in French, they call their music Gore’n’Roll. Banane Metalik is one of the bands where I believe that the image counts for as much as the music. It is all about horror, the lyrics, the feeling of the songs and their live shows that includes a go-gore dancer (!) and full horror make-up. The cover art is really nice too!

Banane Metalik is not exactly floating the album marked. Their previous album is from 2005 and the one before that from 1995. I have not heard any of the previous albums so I can’t say if this one is a step forward for the band. Frankly I hope not that it is the case because “Nice to Meat You” just doesn’t do it for me.

The blend of metal and psychobilly that the band plays gets very monotone after a while and even after several times of listening to the album I was not able to recall a single track. What I was able to recall was some cabaret-like music that had a tendency, in my ears at least, to edge over to the more corny side. Another disappointment for me is the fact that even though the band uses a lot of interesting musical instruments, like violin, organ and trumpet, it does not really add anything to the songs.

I guess if I was more into the whole “Horror Scene”, I might have gotten more pleasure of “Nice to Meat You”. As I mentioned in the start of this review it is all about horror and I am sure that every horror fan out there will have a blast at a concert with Banane Metalik. For the average metal head I would advise caution unless you are also a horror geek or perhaps into psychobilly or at least some kind of punk rock.


01. Nice to Meat You

02. Chair et tendre

03. Strip or Die

04. Murder Party

05. Plan 69 from Outer Space

06. Pussycat

07. Fight la Propaganda

08. Mon oiseau rare

09. Santa muerta

10. Creepy Ghoul

11. Maniac

12. Le cirgue des horreurs

13. Langue de vipère

14. Viva gore'n'roll

15. Sexorcist

Label: People Like You Records
Distribution: EMI
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Steen Schøn
Date: September 24th 2009