Bad Habit
Above and Beyond
Style: AOR
Release date: January 23rd 2009

WOW! I did not see this one coming.


The music of the Swedish rock band BAD HABIT has not done much for me in the past but this brand new album could very well change everything.


‘Above and Beyond’ is the title of this hammer AOR release packed with songs so catchy that you will find your self humming their songs in the middle of the streets. So catchy that you will throw every single one of your AOR CD’s out the window and just keep this one.


Yes, this band knows how to deliver catchy riffs and with singer Bax Fehling on top of it all with a voice of pure gold, you don’t go wrong here if you’re a genre fan.


Well... there’s not one crappy track on ‘Above and Beyond’ in my humble opinion and the crystal clear production done by Jonas Reingold adds that certain thing that make the songs sound even better.


This is the melodic rock album to beat this year so order your copy right now.


01. I Don't Want You
02. Just A Heartbeat Away
03. Don't Want To Say Goodbye
04. Let Me Be The One
05. A Lot To Learn
06. I Believe
07. Above And Beyond
08. My Confession
09. Let Me Tell You
10. Surrender
11. Calling Your Name
12. Never Gonna Give You Up
13. I Need Someone

Provided by: AOR HEAVEN
Distribution: Germusica Promotion
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 4th 2009