Axel Rudi Pell
Tales of the Crown
Style: Heavy Metal
Release date: October 24th 2008

If you have any Axel Rudi Pell albums then you know what to expect here. Nothing has changed, music & style wise. Which is not a bad thing. If you find a winning formula might as well stick with it.

'Tales Of The Crown' opens up with 4 cranking tracks in classic Axel Rudi Pell style “Higher”, “Ain’t Gonna Win”, “Angel Eyes” & “Crossfire”, which is the faster’s track on the album. "Touching My Soul" is the first ballad-type song with an enormous solo. "Emotional Echoes" is the only instrumental on the album and not a bad one really. It has a real funky but heavy sound, only Axel Rudi Pell can deliver.

The next two tracks are personally my favourite two on the album. “Riding On An Arrow” has a real 80’s feel to it and just pumps along & sticks in your head & the title track "Tales of the Crown" is a 9 minute opus which really shows off the whole bands talents, reminds me a lot of something off the Black Pyramid album. Johnny Gioeli sings his ass off on this track & Mr Pell lets rip with some of the best guitar work I have heard from him.

“Buried Alive” gets things cranking again before the second ballad, the weakest song, “Northern Lights” finishes off Tales Of Creation. I don’t think this will open any new doors for Axel Rudi Pell, but he does deliver a very good & solid album here.

01. Higher
02. Ain't Gonna Win
03. Angel Eyes
04. Crossfire
05. Touching My Soul
06. Emotional Echoes
07. Riding on an Arrow
08. Tales of the Crown
09. Buried Alive
10. Northern Lights
Label: Steamhammer Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Tye Brown
Date: April 28th 2009