Ashes and Madness
Style: Power Metal
Release date: February 27th 2009

The all-star ensemble Avian is back with a new and powerful metal monster. Mastermind and main song writer Yan Leviathen has created another awesome power metal album that showcases the brilliant voice of Lance King (Balance of Power, Pyramaze etc.) and together with lead guitarist Bill Hudson (Cellador) and Jerry Babcock (Drums) they form a powerful force to be reckoned with. Dave Ellefson and Jonah Weingarten, who were a part of their debut album is no longer a part of the band.

The band picks up exactly where they left us with 'From the Depths of Time', everything has just taken at least one or two steps up the latter, and the pieces fit a lot better together on this album. Where as I thought they lacked a clear vision and direction with their debut album, I must say that they have tied the knots together this time and have come up with a very good album.

The style is still somewhere in the grey area between classic US metal (Lethal, Savatage and Crimson Glory), European power metal (Blind Guardian, Edguy and Gamma Ray), and if you add a pinch of progressive metal and some classic old school metal (Iron Maiden) the result should sound something in the line of Avian.

The songs are complex, well composed and executed, Lance sings at his usual high standard and the production is great and well balanced. All in all we are served a borderline awesome album with an awesome vocal performance, brilliant guitar leads and good song writing, and if your metal collection contains the above mentioned bands then I suggest that you give Avian a listen as well...

01. Ashes and Madness
02. The Lost and Forsaken
03. Into the Other Side
04. Esoteric Lies
05. Fall from Grace
06. Beyond the Hallowed Gates
07. Thundersoul
08. All the King's Horses
09. Never Fade from Me
10. Time and Space Part II:
  Unlock the Mystery
Label: Silverwolf Productions
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 24th 2009
Website: www.avianband.com