As We Fight
Meet Your Maker
Style: Metalcore
Release date: April 24th 2009

It is no secret that As We Fight has grown to be one of the stalwarts of Denmark’s thriving metalcore scene.


If anyone thinks otherwise, then I’d venture that their latest release, ‘Meet Your Maker’, rams a big, fat stake right through that notion. The album is definitely a step forward compared to previous release, ‘Midnight Tornado’ (2006).


I’m not sure it’s appropriate to speak of maturity in this end of the genre, but if it is, then ‘Meet Your Maker’ displays a mature band who have put together a collection of ten well-wrought tunes. The album is a virtual orgy of riffs and precise drumming. Not convinced? Listen for example to a stomping thrasher like Join The Killing Spree or the heads down, teeth grinding nastiness of the title track or Witness the Slaughter . And there’s lots more where that came from, trust me.

Closely related to their like-minded brethren in Heaven Shall Burn and Maroon, As We Fight offer sheer quality, real song writing and the promise of a genuine mosh pit when you see them live!

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01. Blood Will Fill The Coffin 3:49

02. Join The Killing Spree 4:01

03. Buried In Lies 3:31

04. Meet Your Maker 4:08

05. Interlude 1:34

06. Evil Deeds 3:44

07. Pull Me Asunder 3:18

08. Witness the Slaughter 3:58

09. The Condemned 3:55

10. The Oncoming Chaos 6:13 

Label: Dockyard1
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: May 16th 2009