Salvation Like Destruction
Style: Blackened Thrash Metal
Release date: March 23rd 2009

No, honestly, I thought this breed of band had died out ages ago. Australian Assaulter feature the former Destro˙er 666 member Simon Berzerker and their debut platter features no less than seven tracks of deathly, blackened thrash metal as they like to term their audio discharges.


Although ‘Salvation Like Destuction’ leans heavily on some of the bands that formed me as a metal fan, the album is nowhere near having the qualities I like in metal albums today.


What you find in here is early Bathory, early Destruction, early Slayer, well early everything, basically – from a time when production didn’t matter to metal bands either because good production was too expensive or because they didn’t know shit about shit and when timing probably wasn’t too important either. The thing some bands forget is that ‘early’ this or that is early because the idols progressed on to something they thought better.


The only track that manages to grab my attention on ‘Salvation Like Destruction’ is Glory Alone. It was a fair amount of atmosphere and happens in a tempo that the band is able to control.


I’m not a big fan.


01. Talon and Teeth

02. The Axiom Star

03. Glory Alone

04. Proselytiser

05. Awe of Fire

06. Vengeance Whips

07. Between Gods and Men

Label: Pulverised Records
Promotion: Sure Shot Worx
Artwork rating: 55/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 12th 2009
Website: Assaulter @ MySpace