As You Drown
Style: Modern Death Metal
Release date: July 6th 2009

AS YOU DROWN hails from Sweden and they are a bunch of capable musicians, that’s for sure but this album called ‘Reflection’ is sadly only a standard/solid release.


The music could very well be labelled as, modern death metal, and there’s nothing wrong with the musicianship as written above and this IS a solid release but nothing you haven’t heard before. They have to remember that this genre quite crowded and the competition is quite hard so they need to come up with a hammer release and not only a solid one.


But well... modern death metal fans will certainly enjoy ‘Reflection’ and what this band has to offer because this IS a solid release. We get all the typical trademarks like, growls, brutal and crunchy riffs, superb drumming etc. – What I miss is something that makes them a standout band. Ingredients that makes me go WOW!


Maybe I’m being too harsh here because this is only their debut album and I’m sure that they can top this with their next release.


The production is crystal clear yet powerful and fans of modern death metal or death metal in general should definitely check ‘Reflection’ out.



01. Ruins and Dead Ends
02. Horns
03. What is Worst
04. Driven by Hatred
05. Swallow
06. The Last
07. Open Wound Salvation
08. Ashes
09. Needles
Label: Metal Blade Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 50/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: July 18th 2008