Embrace the Mystery + Three
Style: Melodic Death/Power Metal
Release date: November 16th 2009

Thereís a buzz around whatever happens in the world of Arch Enemy and the reunited Carcass. The Amott brothers have a talent for creating fabulous music and they have done so for ages.


Armageddon is the brainchild of Chris Amott and was apparently induced during an Arch Enemy tour in Japan in 2002. This release contains the second and third album by the project (I find it hard to call it a band since the members vary from release to release) Ė never before released outside Japan.

This is indeed Nippon-friendly metal. Itís some kind of melodic death metal, I suppose, but it reminds me of a harder version of Riot. Add to that speed and complexity in the vein of Yngve Malmsteen, and youíre there.

Yes, the technical level is extremely high. Thereís a lot of things going on and rapidly, too.

At the price of one CD, this is a bargain for any fan of technical metal. Tons of quality metal crammed into the two discs, including a couple of extra rehearsal tracks and covers of Maidenís Die With Your Boots On and Mercyful Fateís Desecration of Souls.


Go fetch, boy, go fetch!


ARMAGEDDON - "Embrace The Mystery" CD 1 (47:45):


01. Awakening (0:38)

02. The Broken Spell (4:29)

03. Blind Fury (4:07)

04. Worlds Apart (3:06)

05. Cry Of Fate (5:07)

06. Illusions Tale (4:22)

07. Moongate Climber (2:45)

08. Embrace The Mystery (3:25)

09. Sleep Of Innocence (3:51)

10. Grain Of Sand (3:38)

11. Worlds Apart (Rehearsal) (3:03) *

12. The Broken Spell (Rehearsal) (3:42) *

13. Die With Your Boots On (Iron Maiden Cover) (5:33) *

ARMAGEDDON - "Three" CD 2 (54:41):

01. Gathering Of The Storm (0:59)

02. Burn The Sun (4:25)

03. Stranglehold (4:39)

04. Heart Of Ice (3:53)

05. Well Of Sadness (6:04)

06. Rainbow Serpent (4:37)

07. Winter Skies (4:02)

08. Final Destination (4:29)

09. Spirit Kiss (2:17)

10. The Contract (5:04)

11. Winter Skies (Demo) (4:05) *

12. Sands Of Time (Demo) (5:46) *

13. Desecration Of Souls (Mercyful Fate Cover) (4:21) *

Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: December 13th 2009