Style: Progressive Grindcore Metal
Release date: March 9th 2009


I had the pleasure of reviewing Antigama’s ’Resonance’ in 2007... An album that needed a couple of spins to grow, but ended up as being a favourite of mine.


The Polish band is back with another album packed with pure grindcore metal combined with industrial sounds and spastic acrobatics of modern technical metal. However they have left me a little disappointed with ‘Warning’.


Just like ’Resonance’, this brand new release called ‘Warning’ needs a couple of spins to sink in, (8 or 9 spins to be exact) and even though that the songs are relentless and intense... I miss something this time. Nothing really sticks like glue. Even after numerous listens I’m still left a little disappointed. It doesn't feel "punishing” anymore. 


A track like, “Paganini Meets Barbaplex”, for example, is way too weird for me. Jazz meets Fusion... or “confusion” (LOL)... What the hell were they thinking? And the last track “Black Planet” sounds like an intro to  a funeral doom metal track. I certainly do like gloomy doom metal, but I have absolute no idea why the hell they should end this album with “Black Planet” ?


However, tracks such as; “Disconnected”, “Jealousy”, ”Lost skull” and “Empty Room” are not bad by any means... but still not quite up there compared to the tracks there are to be found on ’Resonance’.


It all comes down to a matter of taste... but I’m left a bit disappointed this time.


Give it a listen and be your own judge.



Label: Relapse Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: March 19th 2009