Angel House
The Gun, the Love and the Cross
Style: Hard Rock
Release date: November 20th 2009

This second album from the trio from Birmingham Angel House “The Gun, the Love and the Cross” is again produced by Mark Stuart of Magnum fame. The music reminds us that nowadays the creating of qualitative hard rock is a difficult task.


The band has written an album full of catchy riffs and melodies leading us on the wings of freedom to the deepest places of the soul. Behind every song of Angel House emerges the shadow of some famous band names in hard rock.


The specific point of the music of Angel House is the southern guitar sound with a strong bass line. Another thing to be mentioned about the band’s personal sound is the style of the vocalist.

The voice of Pete Easthope definitely is specific – warm and catchy but not covering wide spectrum. And it is more like Glenn Hughes but without his hysterical screams. It would not be superfluous if there was a little more aggression of the vocal’s line at the strong background of the British power sound. But the people who like more melodic stuff will be fascinated!


In this album “The Gun, the Love and the Cross” in comparison to the first album of the band “World on Fire” we can say that Angel House did not step back from their positions. They will not surprise their fans.  From the first tunes of the opening track “This Spirit” to the last song in the album “When the Water Gets Too High” we are sinking in an ocean of thousand emotions and forgotten memories. The music sits perfectly for cigarettes’ smoke and several beers.


The middle-tempo expression of the late Rainbow has the potential of a tribute-band. A 70’s and 80’s influence emerges from every song. It seems that tradition suppresses creative works! Without offering something new, the album is a pleasant listening experience.


01. This Spirit

02. Iron Rails

03. Day by Day

04. House of Law

05. Heaven Tonight

06. Hit the Target

07. Breakout

08. Soul Breaker

09. The Last Song

10. When the Water Gets Too High

Label: Escape Music
Promotion: Connecting Music
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Maria D.S.
Date: November 8th 2009