The Immunity Zone
Style: Progressive Metal
Release date: February 27th 2009

On the most positive note: Andromeda has composed one of the strongest and most intricate progressive songs in a very long time: "Veil of Illumination". This song reaches for the stars and is sheer progressive extravaganza.

On the almost as positive note: 'The immunity Zone' has all the trademarks that they have incorporated into their style and it shows a more mature and confident metal band with a clear direction for their compositions. Andromeda has taken a natural step forward with this album.

On the not quite as positive note: a few songs do not have the same depth and natural flow that all the songs on 'Chimera' had, and a state of standstill has crawled into those songs. They set the bar very high with 'Chimera' and not all the songs on 'The Immunity Zone' reaches the same level of progressive excellence.

Overall: I was very impressed with 'Chimera' from 2006, so my expectations for 'The Immunity Zone' were very high and I must admit that Andromeda has almost met my expectations. That said, I still see Andromeda as a first class progressive metal band musically as well as technically, and there is plenty of fine metal on this album to set this album apart from most of the competition.

01. Recognizing Fate
02. Slaves of the Plenthora Season
03. Ghosts on Retinas
04. Censoring Truth
05. Worst Enemy
06. My Star
07. Another Step
08. Shadows of a Lucent Moon
09. Veil of Illumination
Label: Silverwolf Productions
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 23rd 2009