Created by Evil
Style: Melodic Black Metal
Release date: Unknown

First a word of warning: If you are in a band and want to send a promo CD to reviewers or distros, please avoid the stickers you can put on the discs you burn yourself. I know it’s really easy and looks more ‘real’, but I’d much prefer a less professional looking CD than having a disc stuck in my ¤”&%¤¤(/!& car stereo because of a loose sticker! Yeah, I noticed that it was loose the very second I put the promo from Amigdala in there. Oh, horror!


It took me long and gruelling minutes plus another CD for yanking to get this one out of there. A miracle that nothing happened to the CD player or the promo!


Anyway, part of doing reviews for The Power Of is to listen to young, hopeful bands without a deal or distribution, and of course you receive music from both extremely talented musicians and those who really ought to take one step back and listen to their own crap before bothering others with it.


Italian Amigdala luckily don’t belong to the latter category. If this were one of those shitty talent competitions on telly, they wouldn’t have been out in the first round, but then again, they probably wouldn’t quite have made it to the finals either.


Amigdala consists of two guys, Caos and Hades, and their talent is a kind of melodic, yet raw black metal. The songs are actually crafted quite well and with some versatility, but there are two major drawbacks with the material I have received:


The recording quality is awful

The drums sounds like…well, whatever a computer can come up with.


A bit more focus, proper recording conditions, hold on to the fine  and this could be an interesting band to hear more from in future.


01. Created by Evil

02. Dying in a Lake of Memories

03. Lamento Siderum

04. My Sweet Evil Cries

05. Let Die

06. Wake of the Scythe

Label: None
Distribution: None
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: 23rd of August 2009