After All
Cult of Sin
Style: Melodic speed/thrash
Release date: March 23rd 2009

A lot of people on the earth have seven as their lucky number. I don't know if that counts for After All as well, but this is their seventh album and of course they hope their best one ever. At least they have done their best and are certainly not skating on thin ice with this one. They have asked Dan Swanö to produce the album at his famous Unisound Studios in Örebro. Dan did an excellent job; After All has never sounded better.

To give the album even more spirit, they contacted Juan Garcia and Bernie Versailles (Agent Steel), Andy LaRocque (does the man ever sleep?), Joey Vera (Armored Saint) and James Rivera (Helstar) for some guest appearances. I must admit that the band made a melodic speed/thrash album that impresses me. After the intro "My Own Sacrifice" starts with heavy and fast riffs in Exodus style. "Scars of My Actions" is yet another hammer with melodic guitar parts. In "Betrayed by the Gods" we hear Juan, Bernie and Joey delivering their parts - it's a heavy pounding song.

The vocals of Piet Focroul haven't changed a lot, he still sound a bit like J.D. Kimball (Omen); melodic with a raw edge. In the heavy riffing mid-tempo song "Land of Sin" we hear Andy coming along and in the song "Embracing Eternity" we get some high vocal parts from James Rivera. With the cover "Holy Diver" (Dio) the record comes to an end.

After All was always one of the better heavy bands from Belgium, but with this new album 'Cult of Sin' they apply for a real top position. With their Bay-Area influenced melodic speed/thrash combining Exodus, Testament, Omen, Forbidden etc. in their music they persuade. Belgium Bay Area Thrash!

01. Another False Prophecy
02. My Own Sacrifice
03. Scars Of My Actions
04. Betrayed by the Gods
05. Devastation Done
06. End Of Your World
07. Land of Sin
08. Doomsday Elegy (2012)
09. Embracing Eternity
10.  Hollow State
11. Release
12. Holy Diver
Label: Dockyard 1
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 24th 2009