Style: Progressive Power Metal
Release date: May 20th 2009

Already a few month old but very worth reviewing is this debut album from the Finnish band Adamantra. Everything on this album is good. The songs are well arranged and have a head and a tail. Tuomos Nieminen's voice has the perfect sound for every power metal or progressive metal band, he changes very natural from lower to high. Some of you might know drummer Mikko Sepponen from the band Olympos Mons, he also delivers a good job. In fact, all the members are good musicians.

Almost every ingredient a good progressive power metal album should have can be found on 'Revival'; heavy riffs, melody, powerful drumming, symphonic elements, atmospheric keyboards, neo classical segments, orchestral parts and serene intermissions. Is there any reason why you should not buy this album? Eeeehhhh...., no there isn't. If you like one or more of the bands mentioned below, you will certainly love this one too.

For fans of Pathosray, Seventh Wonder, Pagan's Mind, Kamelot, Last Tribe, Cloudscape, Suspyre, Darkwater, Symphony X, Anubis Gate and many many many more.

01. Shattered
02. Beyond Disillusions
03. Into the Fire
04. In Triumph
05. Kiss of Death
06. For Ever
07. Revival
08. Blessed
09. Ungiven
Label: Sound of Finland Music Group
Provided by: Maiju Asikainen Promotion
Distribution: Sound of Finland
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: August 18th 2009