Acid Drinkers
Verses Of Steel
Style: Thrash
Release date: April 17th 2009

If you think Acid Drinkers is another band that joines the NWOT (New Wave Of Thrash), you are very mistaken. This Polish band hails from 1986! They brightened the earth in 1990 with their debut 'Are You a Rebel'. I haven't got a clue how it sounded. Perhaps I should be ashamed, I haven't got any of their 13 albums in my collection. In Poland however they have a reasonable fan-base and are a popular band at the bigger festivals. Abroad they don't ring a bell yet!

The music of the band is not bad, but not earthshaking either. A lot of songs on the album are old-school thrash combined with hardcore. Fans of the modern Sepultura-style will dig these songs, the singing is less brutal, more thrash minded and  there is also some groove in the songs. Don't expect high technical thrash performances, no it is rather easy efficient straight-forward thrash. In a song like "The Rest That I Feed" you hear Machine Head influences, the typical guitar beeps included. Last song "Blues Beatdown" has some clean singing and sounds like a Motorhead meets Type o Negative song; bluesy, groovy an rocking.

Acid Drinkers is an average groovy thrash band, combining the styles of Kreator, Sepultura and Machine Head in straight-forward moshpitting thrash. Nice album to listen to once in a while, especially when having a party drinking some beers (I like it more than acid). I listened to it with pleasure.

01. Fuel of my Soul
02. In a Black Sail Wrapped
03. Swallow the Needle
04. The Ark
05. Meltdown of Sancity
06. We Died Before We Start to Live
07. Red Shining Fur
08. The Rest That I Feed
09. Silver Meat Machine
10. Boneless
11. Blues Beatdown
Label: Regain Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: April 4th 2009