Elect Darkness
Style: Black Metal
Release date: March 16th 2009

IXXI was founded in 2006. IXXI means 9/11 in Roman numerals. There were no lyrics added, but I must be very mistaken if terrorism isn't a subject that passes by. The vocals are done by Totalscorn, who is also known as the singer in a band called Zavorash. Acerbus and Nattdal on guitars, Ausky on bass and Sinoher (who has already quit the band) complete the line-up for this record. What perceive this black combo from a lot of their rivals are the vocals. Where most of the bands have vocals with a higher pitched sound, Totalscorn often uses lower and sinister growls/snarls.

Fortunately the songs differ in tempo and have some thrashy elements in them, blast-beats are used as well, but they also have more mid-tempo parts. "Beyond the Rupture" is even a very gloomy and doomy song with atmospheric pieces. "Enthusiasm" is then again a very fast song with blast-beats and very aggressive vocals. The variety in tempo, the atmospheric parts like in the song "A Bitter Lesson", the thrash elements and the grooving grinding riffs in combination with the different vocal styles makes IXXI a welcome addition to the black metal genre.

Although I'm not really into black metal, I found pleasure in listening to them and I think a lot of you will like what they serve too!

01. Underworld
02. Western Plagues
03. Southern Tribes
04. Sinrush
05. Beyond the Rupture

Elect Darkness            

07. Enthusiasm
08. Eastern Minions
09. Northern Floods
10. Vindicator
11. A Bitter Lesson
Label: Candlelight Records
Provided by:   PlasticHead Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: February 18th 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/IXXIofficial