69 Chambers
War on the Inside
Style: Metal/Rock/pop hybrid
Release date: April 24th 2009

The picture of a naked chick in a black bathtub on the cover always works. When the naked and amply tattooed bird happens to be the singer of the band, there’s even more fuel for the imagination.


But as much as you sometimes let yourself be influenced by the cover, it’s the music it’s all about. Hand on arse…I mean hand on heart, the debut album from this Swiss threesome almost demands a couple of radio tits, errr, hits.


No, seriously, ‘War on the Inside’ is by no means a rock revolution, but that is not to say that the three-piece doesn’t have anything to offer us.


Tracks like Ex Nihilo and Judas Goat have elements of slow and dogged darkness, yet in the case of Ex Nihilo with a touch of pop that pleads radio. Judas Goat sees singer/guitarist Nina doing a semi-growl along with her excellent clean vocal over a tune that is based on a Bolt-Thrower inspired riff.


Still, radio friendliness is the overall keyword for the album, both in sound and structure as well as length with most songs ended at the four-minute mark.


For the open -minded rock fan there is a fine mix of quiet pieces where Nina really shows us the strength of her voice (Wind Feed Fire), the straight-forward rockers (Dead Letter Office) and the more metal induced cuts (Judas Goat) as well as the beautiful semi-acoustic track A Ruse where Nina turns into an Alanis Morrisette of sorts.

Not only is this a fine album, I also have a feeling this band could be an experience to see live. Hope I get the opportunity some time. And, no, it’s not just because of the bird on the cover…


01. The Day of the Locust

02. Bloodaxe

03. Thinking About You

04. On the Inside

05. Ex Nihilo

06. Return of the Repressed

07. Judas Goat

08. The Collapse of Time and Space

09. Wind Feeds Fire

10. Dead Letter Office

11. Final Memento

12. Automatic Automata

13. A Ruse

Label: Silverwolf Productions
Promotion: Gordeon Music
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 22nd 2009
Website: www.myspace.com/69chambers