Winter's Verge
Eternal Damnation
Style: Melodic Epic Power Metal
Release date: March 14th 2008

Until now, Cyprus was never marked on the world map of Heavy Metal. This will drastically change this year, as WINTER'S VERGE released their debut album last month.

The band's history dates back to 2003, when a vocalist and a keyboardist started what would become a new interesting band. When enough string men and a drummer had joined forces with the former two, the band was able to start rehearsing, and within a short time they were playing at the local clubs, instantly winning the audience. This resulted in them recording the EP «Another Life...Another End» a couple of years ago.

Now over to the present recording. This is a strong album. The young band already has a distinct sound, and renews the whole genre. This is no standard heavy metal with power metal vocals; the band uses the old recipe and cleverly turns it into some tracks one doesn't forget.

The guys own a rare musicality and sound like they really love what they're doing.This is a well balanced production, mild sounding, but fierce at the same time, in which harmony and heaviness go hand in hand. Racing riffs and high speed double-bass altern with solid melody lines. The voice may be a bit flat and occasionally lose the grip, but the singer soon finds a way to come back on track. He's got it and he' ll be really good next time.

Stylish modern heavy riffs as well as more classical, traditional song passages with hymn-like choruses, bombastic songs ala Triosphere, as well as heavy balladlike ones: this is a varied record. Several tracks on the album have hit potential, and none indulge in the usual kitschy clichés. The text, which I haven't got hold on, are even said to be good!

And me who first thought this would be something corny when I saw the cover; not that it's hideous; guess one can get tired of that vampyre-ish imagery that South-Europeans seem to care about... I assure you, if you're as visual as I am, try to get beyond the graphics and give «Eternal Damnation» the chance it deserves.

I'm not even into power metal, but this «Eternal Damnation» compelled me nonetheless. Winter's Verge, you're hereby highly encouraged to evolve in the very direction you've been following so far!


01. Eternal Damnation
02. My Winter Sun
03. Get me out
04. Hold my Hand
05. A Secret once forgotten
06. Goodbye
07. Spring of Life
08. Can you hear me
09. For I have sinned
10. To you I sail tonight
11. Suicide Note

Label: Limb Music Products
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Laurence Mériaux
Date: April 15th 2008