Style: Progressive Melodic Metal
Release date: November 16th 2007

Voyager is back with another sonic assault for the open minded listeners. 'uniVers' is the perfect and logical successor to their debut album 'Element V' from 2004 (originally released in 2001 in Australia). They continue down the same lane, where they started off on on their debut album, and they do still sound like no other band - I know this term if watered out and over-used.

But Voyager is something quite exceptional and unique! Basically they come across as a straight forward melodic metal band with catchy songs and hook lines, but the vocal deliverance from Danny Estrin changes everything... He uses his great voice to add dimensions and depth to the sound like no other, for most parts his deliverance is kept in a clean, almost pop-ish style, but he adds an aggressive and brutal dimension - mostly as background and second voices.

It's very refreshing to hear a band that sounds fresh and unique. But be prepared - you don't just put 'uniVers' on and fall in love, it takes time, energy and a lot of cultivating - because their sound is so special and not something for everyone...

Give it time and it will open up and give you much pleasure - but the combination in vocal styles might be a too big a camel for some to swallow. Keep an open mind when you throw this one into your CD-player... and you will discover a fascinating universe.


01. Higher Existence
02. Deep Weeds
03. Everweaiting
04. Between the Sheets
05. Sober
06. Cross the Line
07. Pulse 04
08. Failing
09. What I Need
10. One More Time
11. White Shadow
Label: Dockyard 1
Distribution: VME (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: February 10th 2008