Ferrum Gravis
Style: Heavy Metal / Power Metal
Release date: February 22nd 2008

VIRON hails from Germany and it was the idea of CREMATORY drummer Markus Jllich to form a True Metal band after he noticed singer Alexx Stahl playing with his band in a small club. At first they named the band SEDUCTION and released two demos before they split up. But well... they are back and have changed their name to VIRON. In 2004 they released a 4 track demo called “NWOGHM” and it was followed by their debut full length album also entitled “NWOGHM” released in 2006.


The title of their brand new album is “Ferrum Gravis” and the promo-CD I’m holding in my hands

contains 9 songs. Their Power Metal and Thrash Metal brew turns out tasting quite well and most

of the 9 songs are great. Well... I must admit that the vocals from Alexx Stahl wasn’t exactly my

cup of tea at first... especially in the very first track “Liberator” his voice really made this reviewer’s ears cringe. But after numerous listens I have no problem with his voice anymore. And there is this track called “War”... I found that ballad very boring at first but again after numerous listens I feel quite different about. Nice little track, boys and girls.


But it’s the Thrashy Metal tracks that make this album an enjoyable experience. I found myself head banging quite a lot while listening to tracks such as; “The Isle of Man”, “Beyond The Gates”, “Metal Ball” and “Led Astray”. VIRON are on the right track with this album, that’s for sure and I have also only positively things to say about the production. It is crystal clear but powerful. The guitars are heavy and crunchy and even though “Ferrum Gravis” isn’t groundbreaking in any way it’s still a solid album that shows that heaviness and melody can go well together.


Keep Metal alive and check this album out in February.

01. Liberator
02. On the Run
03. The Isle of Man
04. War
05. Beyond the Gates
06. Metal Ball
07. Playground for Billions
08. Led Astray
09. Sniper
Label: Metalheaven
Provided by: Metalheaven
Artwork rating: 54/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: January 15th 2008