Venomous Concept
Poisoned Apple
Style: Grindcore/Hardcore
Release date: April 25th 2008

Venomous Concept is not just anybody. No, sir, these are some of the coolest veterans of grindcore/death metal/hardcore; none other than Napalm Death’s bassist Shane (here he’s the guitarist, though) and drummer Danny plus Nuclear Assault/Brutal Truth bass tormentor Danny Lilker and the harsh voice of Brutal Truth, Kevin Sharpe.


As much as these four guys deserve tons of respect for what they have done and still do in their respective bands, this particular concept is not as venomous as I’d hoped it would be when I received the promo.
Sad to say, but I think they’ve taken the elements that I like the least from both of their ‘real’ bands and created something that is, admittedly, aggressive and hard as fuck, but not at all as creative an output as I would have imagined from these otherwise fine musicians.


I suppose everyone needs to relax and fall back on the things they know well, but I find it hard to consider this release totally relevant in this day and age – especially when I think about the cool and weird things that could have emerged from the hands of this band.


If you like good old, standard grindcore/hardcore, this is a good bet for you. I’m looking for a bit more than that.



01 Drop Dead
02 Stupid
03 Life
04 Water Cooler
05 Punk Rock Idol
06 Artist Friendly
07 A Case of The Mondays
08 Every Mothers Son
09 Workers of the World
10 Half Full
11 Check Out
12 White Devil
13 Hero
14 Three
15 Screwball
16 Chaos
17 Think
Label: Century Media
Distribution: EMI (DK)
Artwork rating: 30/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: April 3rd 2008