Vredskapta Mörkersagor
Style: Black Metal
Release date: February 22nd 2008

Some albums sticks to your brain like glue after the very first spin in the CD-player while others needs more time to sink in. “Vredskapta Mörkersagor” needed time.

Vanmakt hails from Sweden and “Vredskapta Mörkersagor” is their debut full-length album and the promo-CD I’m holding in my hands contains 11 pure Black metal tracks and a bonus video for the track “My Darkest Hate”.


Vanmakt’s music is hard, faster than the speed of light, black and filled with hatred but this album certainly needs a couple of spins... or 10 to sink in. Their music is a mix of traditional Black Metal and modern Black Metal. Most of the tracks just slays you and lets you stand there without a clue. And even though I find excellent guitar runs now and then I fail to remember most of the tracks. Even after numerous listens.


The production is great and the musicians can handle their instruments, I’m sure... but I’m still left a bit disappointed. Not that this album is bad in any way and tracks like “My Darkest Hate”, Para Vindicta” and “Prince Mephisto” shows that these guys definitely know what to do to make a song work, but most of the tracks are only above average in my humble opinion.


But if you like your Black Metal ultra fast... and believe me... the drummer is beating the living

crap out of his drums, then you certainly need this album, that’s for sure.... but take a listen

before you buy!


Just my cup of blood: “My Darkest Hate”, Para Vindicta” and “Prince Mephisto”.

01. The First Key
02. Sanguine Craving
03. Förkastelse av Jesu Tro
04. My Darkest Hate
05. Diaboli Iubeo
06. Para Vindicta
07. Open the Gates
08. Death Upon Death
09. En Mardröm, En Strid, Ett Helvete
10. Prince Mephisto
11. New Satanic Era
Label: Pulverised Records
Distribution: Gordeon Music Promotion
Artwork rating: 60/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 23rd 2008