The Street
The Divine Debauchery
Style: US Hard Rock
Release date: January 26th 2008

The Street hails from Salt Lake City, Utah, and they have a pretty simple philosophy: "If we stay true to writing the music that is within us and moves us, we can move the listener as well". This is my first encounter with them, so I am not able to judge if they have been true to their philosophy on their five first albums prior to 'The Divine Debauchery' their sixth studio album.

Their influences are mainly from the big stadium rock bands like U2, Bon Jovi, Van Halen but also more classic US Hard Rock bands like Lillian Axe, Skid Row and Great White rears its ugly head on occasion.

Gathering experience in the local area supporting numerous bands clearly shows in the deliverance, they displays themselves as a very tight unit that are capable of writing solid and catchy rock songs. They have a very modern sound with a modern metal edge to some of the songs, one which might not go down easy with some hardcore hard rock fans.

The production could have been a lot better, and do at times get a bit muddy and incoherent, which sadly results in a mediocre sonically experience. Musically I had set my hopes up for a more mature and competent experience, but besides a few catchy and fine songs - like 'Devil's Dilemma', 'Light of Day' 'Shovel' and 'Walls', there's too far between the good stuff on this album.

I feel the band need to find a clear direction - instead they end up somewhere in the middle. The modern sounding songs will scare quite a few hard rock fans away and the same can be said the other way around...

Decent, unspectacular and not much to talk about...

01. Greeting from the Ghetto
02. Devil's Dilemma
03. Bitter
04. Light of Day
05. Step it Up
06. Nemesis
07. Vendetta's My Name
08. Shovel
09. One Man Battle
10. Walls
11. Head or be Dead
12. A Voluntary Loss of Innocence
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Distribution: Music Buy Mail GmbH
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: January 3rd 2008
Website: The Street