The Scourger
Dark Invitation to Armageddon
Style: Thrash metal
Release date: March 17th 2008

Finnish bands almost never disappoint me. The second attack of The Scourger isn't gonna change that statement. Reading the biography, it seems that their debut has made the ball rolling in their home-country. With this one the ball will roll on and maybe faster.

With a heavy, tight production the songs are pure thrash hammers piece by piece. You hear that they are influenced by the eighties Bay-area and German thrash bands. They put this in a more modern Thrash-jacket. The music that evaluates from that is a cross between lots of thrash bands. 

Right from the start the distinct hard pounding bass-drums gives the album a Grip Inc. character.  But in every song you can here influences from different bands. The melodic twin-guitars in for example "In the Hour of Ruin" and some riffs in "Beyond Judas" have a Testament feel. "To Tame a Life" could have been taken from one of the latest Legion of the Damned albums and "Never Bury the Hatchet" is Kreator over the top. Also more modern bands like Mendeed and Devildriver are sometimes very near.

As you can read above, the band has not re-invented metal again; therefore they use the paths other bands already created. They weld this in new songs, which are very recognizable from the start and listen away easily. If you want to buy a good thrash album and don't want any big surprises, your purse loses weight again. 

Best track: Last Nail to the Coffin

01. Lex Talionis
02. No Redemption
03. In the Hour of Ruin
04. To Tame a Life
05. Never Bury the Hatchet
06. Deformed Reality
07. Dark Invitation to Armageddon
08. Reign in Bestial Sin
09. Beyond Judas
10. Cranium Crush
11. Last Nail to the Coffin
12. Vicious Circle (bonus)
13. Hatehead (Live at Vr-Makasiin)
Label: Cyclone Empire
Distribution: SureShot Worx
Artwork rating: 80/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 17th 2008