The Accursed
Seasons of the Scythe
Style: Thrash/Death Metal
Release date: January 28th 2008

If you... just like me have a soft spot for Thrash/Death Metal heavily rooted in the 80’s then I suggest you should check “Seasons of the Scythe” by THE ACCURSED out right now.

Hailing from New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA, THE ACCURSED are ready to conquer the world with this... their first full-length album. I have already read both good and bad reviews of “Seasons of the Scythe” and I belong to that category of people, who really like this release.


The music is... as written above heavily rooted in the 80’s and I’m having a f*****g great time when this splendid piece of Thrash/Death Metal music is rotating in my CD-player. The promo-CD that I’m holding in my hands contains of 13 songs and almost every single one of them stands out of its own. It’s almost uncanny how much I liked this CD when I first heard it and even after numerous listens I still get the same reaction I did before. Actually it gets better and better with each spin.


The 13 songs are just immortal classics already in my book and it’s hard for me to see how they can top this album in the future... but I do hope that they prove me wrong.

The production could have been a tad heavier but when I think about it... it suits the music just



So... if you’re a sucker for 80’s Thrash/Death Metal give it a try. You won’t regret it.

01. Deities and Demigods
02. Saw tooth smile
03. Seasons of the Scythe
04. Fire of 1000 Cries
05. I Am Famine
06. Aftermath of Sorrow
07. The Rider
08. Land of the Dead
09. Slaughter the Gods
10. Cold is the Grave
11. Funeral March

The Black Thrash

13. Armageddon Eulogy
Label: Locomotive Records
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Artwork rating: 70/100
Reviewed by: Peter Laursen
Date: February 3rd 2008