Style: Polyrhytmic-progressive metal
Release date: April 21st 2008

Since 'Drawing Circles' I have had a weak spot for this Dutch band. The extreme screams from vocalist Eric Kalsbeek with the tight sometimes polyrhytmic riffing combined with clean melodic singing parts took me by the throat.

You can imagine that I was very curious about the third record with the title 'Silhouettes'. During the studio-period Powermetal.dk had already an interview (dec. 2007) with one of the members, so we already knew a little about what we could expect.

I must admit that at first the new record didn't take me that much by the balls as 'Drawing Circles' did. But after more than a month of  listening, I must say they did it again. Different to their previous album is that they have more clean, less Meshuggah, more Devin Townsend kind of parts. In "Old Days Born Anew" I even hear a Mike Patton kind of singing. But because of the more clean parts, the heavy parts are much more intense. With the HEAVY and TIGHT as a hummingbird's ass production of their own guitarplayer Jochem Jacobs, the record sounds even better than their previous one...

You can hear that they have done the utmost to put some more structure in their songs, which means that they have a little less change of rhytmns and the songs are (a bit) easier to listen to. But for a lot of metal fans Textures will still be to complicated and that is good, because this is Textures and not any other band.

With this record they will attract a bigger audience and can compete with any band on this planet. Excellent work, sometimes I am proud to be a Dutchman... 

01. Old Days Born Anew
02. The Sun's Architect
03. Awake
04. Layment of An Icarus
05. One Eye for a Thousand
06. State of Disobedience
07. Storm Warning
08. Messengers
09. To Erase a Lifetime
Label: Listenable Records
Distribution:  -
Provided by: Suburban Marketing & Distribution
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: April 4th 2008
Website: www.texturesband.com