The Tangent
No as Good as the Book
Style: Progressive Rock
Release date: February 29th 2008

How can I easily describe this double album from main man keyboard player and vocalist Andy Tillison twisted mind? Pretty easy: all of the basic The Tangent ingredients with the addition of a bigger palette of sounds and styles...

Sounds pretty easy, don’t it?
Anyone, who is familiar with their previous three albums, will know that it isn't as simple as it sounds... This is an adventurous journey through many sonic moods and soundscapes, all surrounding a very strong keyboard sound and Andy's unique voice.

So you have an album with it's strong roots in the 70's progressive rock scene brought up-to-date, all based on around a humorous sci-fi story about a man lost in time...

So why don't I like it?
Let's see the fundamentals for a great progressive adventure is in place, the musicians are all adept, the sound is clear and fitting, but someone has poured water into the engine because the album never ignites and starts to come alive...

This is a progressive frenzy with lots of cool journeys into many different styles and moods, but I can't find the thing that ties everything together and makes this exciting. 'Not as Good as the Book' is not as good as expected, and leaves me disappointed. The album is well produced and well executed, and I am sure it'll find its fans, just not me...

  Disc 1
01. A Crisis in Mid Life
02. Lost in London (25 Years Later)
03. The Ethernet
04. Celebrity Purée
05. Not as Good as the Book
06. A Sole of Two Souls
07. Bat out of Basildon
  Disc 2
01. Four Egos One War
02. The Full Gamut
Label: InsideOut Music
Distribution: Target (Denmark)
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: March 16th 2008