When Midnight Strikes!
Style: Deathcore
Release date: March 28th 2008

Iíve previously mentioned elsewhere on this site a new wave Italian extreme metal. Stigma here fits nicely into that wave with their brutal and tight death metal/metalcore fusion.


Unlike many other bands who deal in metalcore, Stigma have taken an entirely different path thematically: Belagusi-style vampires and other creatures of the night is the topic on ĎWhen Midnight Strikesí, and itís actually very refreshing. This is accentuated by the video for the track I am Dracula which is also included on the CD and the appropriate sound bites from creepy-crawly films.


Musically, the Italians are not a far cry from Maroon or Heaven Shall Burn, however not quite with the same class and ability to surprise. But a very solid and recommendable effort from our southern European metal brothers as you can see from the rating.


Go try it out!


01 Walpurghis Night (Intro)
02 I Am Dracula
03 Silver Bullets and Burning Crosses
04 To Be Really Dead...That Must Be Glorious!
05 Flesh Ritual
06 Beneath the Crown of Eternal Light
07 Blood, Your Previous Blood!
08 A Call for Vengeance
09 Walking the Fields of the Apocalypse
10 Sons of Midnight
11 Epitaph of Pain

Label: Pivotal Rockordings
Provided by: Pivotal Rockordings
Artwork rating: 75/100
Reviewed by: Thomas Nielsen
Date: February 16th 2008