Soldiers of Scrape
Operation: Shifting Gears
Style: Old School Metal
Release date: February 2008

And my discovery of the month is........ Soldiers of Scrape. Surfing the internet I hit on this one and I was sold right from the first moment. These guys bring an ode to all the bands I liked in the eighties.

Tormentor, Altar of Sacrife, Captor of Sin, I know Hell Awaits & I will Kill Again Final Command from Agressive Perfector Haunting The Chapel...KFKR. Just a text phrase from the track "KFKR" (Kerry Fucking King Rules). As you can see, the song text consists completely of Slayer song titles.

In the song "Old School Metal" they mention all the bands they are influenced by, and bring an ode to the metal brothers that already died way before their time. Respect! "Cold Beer" could have been a party song from any Tankard album. Like the lyrics, their music is a mix of Pantera, Slayer, Testament and all the other Old School bands.

Not original, but they convinced me, just bang that head that doesn't bang....KFKR...

01. Blaster
02. KFKR
03. Old School Metal
04. Cold Beer!
05. Just a Moment
06. Inebriated Youth
07. Living The Life
08. Shifting Gears
09. Mountains
10. Coming Down
11. WET
12. Cold Beer (Radio Edit)
13. Coming Down (Radio Edit)
14. WET (Radio Exit)
Label: Vision Records
Artwork rating: 65/100
Reviewed by: Reinier de Vries
Date: March 24th 2008