The 13th Apostle
Style: Melodic Metal
Release date: April 25th 2008

Third album from German-Norwegian melodic metal band S.I.N. (Somewhere into Nowhere) is entitled 'The 13th Apostle", and is a conceptual piece about the 13th apostle: Julian. Yes, this is a concept album about one of oldest stories known to mankind: it's about the son of God.

But wait a minute, he chose 12 apostles to fulfil his mission, so who's Julian? German writer Ana Kugli has dug deep into the Gospels of the Scripture and has created a new and ardent version of the story so well know.

So does the remarkable plot go hand in hand with some remarkable music...? Well it's not one in a million remarkable, but the album is packed with strong melodies, catchy choruses, great guitar work and no less than four leading vocalists doing a good job respectively. Norwegian vocalist Patrick Simonsen (Hush) takes care of the main part of Julian, and German Carsten Schulz (Evidence One) takes of the other central role of Jesus, the female parts are shared between American vocalist Renée Walker (Renée Walker Band) and Connie Andreszka (Crystal Ball).

S.I.N. has created an interesting album that sadly suffers a bit from a weak production, but the material is strong enough to draw some well deserved attention both lyrically and musically. So give this one a shot if you are into bands like Dokken, PC69, Evidence One and Edguy.

01. Prelude
02. Signs of Doubt
03. Awakening
04. Junia's Eyes
05. Chosen are Few
06. In Your Darkest Hour
07. The Faithful Offer
08. Sealed with a Kiss
09. Tears of Gethsemane
10. Failure
11. For Eternity and Beyond
12. His 13th Apostle
13. Circuit
Label: Artist Service
Provided by: ArtistWorXX
Distribution: Music Buy Mail
Reviewed by: Kenn Jensen
Date: April 4th 2008
Website: www.sin-band.com